If You Do Not See Bengali Text

Bengali font is not a standard font for the internet. 
We created some pages as Acrobat pdf (which is font independent). 
A few other pages are created using Amar Bangla font. 
If your do not see the Bengali text properly, 
please install the Acrobat Reader and the Bengali font.

  You need Acrobat Reader to open some of the pages on this site. Click on the Acrobat icon on the right to download Acrobat Reader, if needed.

  We use Amar Bangla font in some of the pages on this site. To install this font on your computer, please follow these steps:
  1. Click on the icon on the right.
  2. Save the file AmarBangla.exe on your desktop
  3. Go to your Desktop and click on the file.
  4. Click on Unzip.
  5. Copy the font Amarbn__.ttf to C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

(Amar Bangla Font)

Bengali Word Processor
Click here to download

If you are interested to type Bengali text on your computer,
you may try this Bengali word processor.
When you install this software, it will automatically install
Amar Bangla font on your computer.
The software has a very good help menu which explains 
exactly how to type in Bengali.