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In Memory of Asok Bandyopadhyay - Novemeber 2011

Kolkatar karcha
As it appeared on November 14, 2011 

Minutes of the meeting

  • A well-attended event, many new faces belonging to age group 20-30 were noticed in the audience. A group of member of Canning Juktibadi Sanaskritic Sanstha also attended.

  • Audience got involved spontaneously throwing questions to the dais; interaction lasted for 40/45 minutes.

  • The Speaker, Ratneswar Bhattacharyya remained very comfortable through out, navigating between data and events, citing examples of China where he witnessed unique style adopted by them in providing basic literacy. He gave the sad state of affairs of literacy in the districts of WB which raised controversial point "without basic literacy, science cannot reach the people and vice versa, even the basic health/sanitation issues are by and large ignored by the village folks, who ridicule the fellow villagers for using the newly built toilets". This provoked some vintage doctors having adequate exposures to the people, writing science based articles for little magazines.

  • Some old friends and acquaintances of Asok came over and remained fixed on their seats till the end.

  • We kept Asok's photograph, sitting in a relaxed mood, on a chair at a place visible from all sides.

  • We played a recording of Asok's golden voice captured by Gautam Rudra of Hatibagan "Chetana". Some peoople got moved by it and asked for the availability of the recording on a CD. We took a decision to publish this recording as "Asok Bandyopadhyay on  Ajana Andaman and Bipponno Paribesh" on a CD in collaboration with Chetana.

  • We spoke with a few stalwarts seeking their opinion about the entire programme and got very encouraging feedbacks.

  • A number of CDs, Sunderbaner Saap, and a number of copies of old issues and books published by Utsamanush were sold.

  • Many people felt that Utsamanush is still vibrant and keeping its tradition alive.


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